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Rafa Lombardino is a certified in English-to-Portuguese and Portuguese-to-English translations by the American Translators Association (ATA) and has a professional certificate in Spanish/English translations from the University of California San Diego Extension, where she currently teaches classes on the role of technology in the translation industry.

Rafa Lombardino

She has been a translator since 1997, is currently the CEO of Word Awareness, Inc.―a small network of professional translators established in California in 2004―and also acts as a translation instructor and webinar host.




1. Technical Aspects

A 40-minute online session on the technical aspects of subtitling!

2. YouTube

A 30-minute online session on how to transcribe and translate subtitles using YouTube Studio!

3. DotSub

A 40-minute online session on how to transcribe and translate subtitles using DotSub!


Members of the WORLD TRANSLATION JOBS Community are receiving a $15 DISCOUNT compared to regular sales prices !

And, by purchasing access to a video class, you’ll also receive COMMUNITY SUPPORT!
Once you select the video class you would like to watch and make payment through PayPal, you will receive a message directly from Rafa, so that you can be added to a private Facebook group, where she posts additional info about the subtitling industry and exercises you can use to practice the skills you’re learning.

Rafa Lombardino, partnering with World Translation Jobs 




$35 USD » Technical Aspects

$35 USD » YouTube Studio

$35 USD » DotSub

$60 USD » Technical Aspects + YouTube Studio

$60 USD » Technical Aspects + DotSub

$60 USD » YouTube Studio + DotSub

$90 USD » Technical Aspects + YouTube Studio + DotSub


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