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I am Ilaria Tulimieri and I am a qualified translator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistic and Cultura Mediation and the Master’s Dregree in Specialized Translationat the University of Naples, “L’Orientale”, where I studied English and German Language and Linguistics, translation theory and practice. My native language is Italian and my language pairs are: EN, DE, FR > IT. My rates are as follows:

Translation from EN, FR > IT 0,04 USD per source word, from DE > IT 0,06 USD per source word.

Review from EN, FR > IT 0,03 USD per source word, from DE > IT 0,04 USD per source word.

Proofreading, editing e MT post editing from  EN, FR > IT 0,02 USD per source word, from  DE > IT 0,03 USD per source word

My fields of expertise are: Tourism, Brochure, Communication, Handbooks and Manuals, Terms and Conditions, Sales Techniques, Economics, Banking Finance, Computer (Network, Hardware and Software), Internet, Commerce and E-Commerce, Media and Multimedia, Electronics, Automation. Machinery, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Scientific and Technical Fields, Games And Videogames, Cosmetics and Bio-cosmetics, Banking Finance, Benefits Information, Company Brochure and Correspondence.

I have been working as a translator and reviewer for many translation agencies since May 2013, using CAT tools such as Wordfast Anywhere and Omega T. I am available for tests free of charge.

Distinti Saluti, Best regards, Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Meilleurs salutations,

Ilaria Tulimieri

Freelance Translator EN, DE, FR > IT

Cellulare: +39 3206427041

Via Napoli, 41, Bellizzi, SA, 84092, Italia


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