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My name is Alejandra Pérez Gallego, and I am a Spanish native speaker and a highly motivated freelance translator and proofreader .

My languages combinations are English/Japanese to Spanish. I am specialized in European Spanish, and I have excellent research skills and grammatically and stylistically impeccable translations.

Furthermore, I have experience translating videogames and I have worked for Impetus, a Japanese localization company, translating games such as Tiny Metal (Sony Music Entertainment) and a Japanese PvP collectible card mobile game. I also have experience translating articles for The New York Times Style Magazine: Spain, as well the translations of a book trilogy titled Attack!, by Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda. I can translate from Japanese into Spanish and from English into Spanish for the cases that is required.

As for my rates, my prices are within the 0,04-0,06 euro per word/character rate. Naturally I am open for discussing my rates.

LinkedIn profile here:érez-gallego-7711a2119/


Alejandra Pérez

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