Marguerite S. English to French translator, 19 years experience

Best translator English to French, 19 years experience

My name is Marguerite Storm I am a Belgian citizen with native language French, living in the USA since 1996,  I have been a full-time EN to FR freelance translator for 19 years. I work with about 12 translation agencies located in the US, in France, in Belgium, in the Netherlands, and in the UK.

I have a long experience with clients in different time zones and have found that most times it is an advantage for me as well as for the client. I do not mind working very early mornings, and weekends. Also, I consistently work with a colleague who lives in Brussels, in order to meet tight deadlines and ensure consistently high quality. This has proved very beneficial for both of us. More on this on our website

High quality, trust, speed, accuracy are my priorities. This may sound as a ‘commonplace’ but I have found it is not. I see my work as a profession that requires respect, hard work, pride, all values that I live by. This is my passion and great joy.

email: grite@translationfrench


facebook page: translationfrench

skype: grite99


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