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My name is Edit Erdos I am an English – Hungarian – Serbian translator with several years of experience in translating and interpreting for agencies in the UK and in Serbia.

Hungarian is my mother tongue but I was born and raised in Serbia, hence I am bilingual. I acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Currently, I reside in London, UK and I work as a freelance translator but I do travel a lot as my work allows it. My previous work experience includes administration at a West London secondary school from February 2014 – October 2016 and interpreting at GPs, hospitals, Housing Aid and Welfare Benefit Offices, Social Centres and Magistrate’s Courts, as well as translating for formerly called agency C.I.T.A.S. between July 2012 – September 2015.

After a 7 month sabbatical and travelling, I returned to London in May 2017 to continue working as a freelancer and now I have been translating in Trados Studio for over 15 months. Hungarian, English and Serbian are source and both target languages. Mostly I work with technical, legal, medical documents and general texts.



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