Phuong, an English-Vietnamese conference interpreter and translator

Best English-Vietnamese conference interpreter and translator

My name is Phuong, an English-Vietnamese conference interpreter and translator with an experience of 13 years, based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I used to be based in Bangkok, Thailand as a full-time professional simultaneous interpreter for the International Law Enforcement Academy of Bangkok for 12 years, which is the academy under the cooperation between the American and Thai governments.
I work with dedication, passion, enthusiasm and professionalism.  I have worked with many different law agencies of the US government, USAID, the US embassy in Bangkok, the Thai government, Australian government, Ministries of Health of Thailand and Vietnam, Ministries of Agriculture of Thailand and Vietnam, and many different international organizations like UNODC, UNESCAP, ILO, etc., and NGOs
I am said to be the best English-Vietnamese interpreter in Bangkok, Thailand by several fellow interpreters, and to be one of the best English-Vietnamese interpreters in Vietnam. Many people who have worked with me told me that my interpretation is fast, clear, easy to understand and especially conveys the feelings and emotions of the speakers at the same time. A special agent as well as an instructor from DEA (the US government) told me that I am the best English-Vietnamese interpreter he’s worked with so far.

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