Constance F, English/German to French translator

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My name is Constance Filloz, I am a freelance translator registered in France. My mothertongue is French, I speak also English (level C1, C2 for technical subjects in my field) and German (level C1).
My languages pairs are EN>FR and DE>FR.
I have a master’s degree in Chemistry and Materials Science. I have a 5-years experience as an engineer in bilingual or trilingual environments. I decided to start my own company after 3 to 4 years of everyday writing in French and English, and translating from English or German to French for work, friends or my own purpose.
I love travelling and therefore I also like cultural subjects like arts, history and archaeology. I studied biology for a few years, this is also a topic I’m at ease with.
I have a recent experience translating websites (museum, freelancer) and this is something I like.
You will find more information about me here:
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