Irene C. Engineer Translator German – English – Spanish into Italian

Best translator – German, English – Spanish into Italian

Engineer  Translator German – English – Spanish into Italian

Specialist areas: • Environmental Engineering • Other Engineering • Environmental Science • Power and Energy • Alternative Energy • Marketing • E-commerce • General Translations.

Hi, ​I am glad you landed on my profile! Do you need any of the above listed languages and specialization? then look no further!

My name is ​Irene, I ​am a Scientist and an ​Artist. I have a ​Master ​degree ​in ​Environmental ​​Engineering and ​​I gained international experience in this field. ​ My artistic side is a gift of nature which I cultivate with passion since childhood.

I am Italian ​native speaker, ​I speak ​fluently ​English, German ​and Spanish ​

Since 2017 I work as freelancer. I have lots of experience translating technical and marketing texts, I am also currently working for a German professional translation company. Previously as Employee I worked as Environmental Engineer both in Italy than in Germany. I hold the position of HSE and Project Manager Senior, ​in ​companies ​specialized in ​environmental ​services such as soil remediation, water treatment, alternative energy, energy contracting…etc.

In 2016 I ​founded ​Medilludesign, ​a brand ​supporting the ​mind-body-​spirit balance ​through visual ​arts and scientific information. I am illustrator, store manager ​and social media manager. Therefore, I gained much experience as well in the field of marketing and e-commerce.

I do practice ​meditation, ​yoga and dance. ​I enjoy reading, ​learning new ​languages, working on inspiring projects, travelling and getting close to several cultures.

I can’t wait to hear from you and your project!

Contact me!!! ​I will be glad ​to help you ​with your business!!! ​

Have a nice day,

Irene Carretta



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