Madeha G. translator English-Arabic

Madeha Ghagary English-Arabic translator


My name is Madeha Ghagary,  Senior translator SmartCat , I work as a translator (English to Arabic), Localizer, transcriber and  Arabic proofreader.

I believe that languages are ways of thinking, by knowing new language; you are introduced to new mind that will make the changes, and move this world closer into one family. Translation has always been the right process to make this possible. I am a Senior English Arabic translator who takes the role to get all people around the world closer. I am a freelance translator, over 5 years of translation experience. SmartCat En Ar Senior translator, hold a BA in English literature, I have also certified with 96% translation test on I translate Literature, Marketing, cars, cosmetics, gambling, society, history and general issues. I do translation, localization, proofreading, Arabic transcription, and recently subtitling (personal learning).


Hereunder some projects I have achieved:

– A long-term project for 3 months (healthcare and cosmetics)

– Proofreader at

– Translation and proofreading of many gambling projects,

– Proofreading of a huge project for Hyundai cars

– Literature translation of the below published stories

– A partial translation of literature book for Good Book, Lebanon

– Three Localization projects.

– Transcription of Arabic project

Published works:

  1. Translation of a set of erotic short stories into Arabic published by SAGA:

Title                                                                                author

–          Jenny the Pirate (القرصانة جيني)                                Olrik

–          Pool Boy (فتى حوض السباحة)                                       Anita Bang

–          Handyman (عامل الصيانة)                                          Marianne Sophia Wise

–          Obsessed with Owen Gray(مهووسة أوين غراي)            Sara Skov         

  1. Translation of 4 parts fiction series of children literature, published by SAGA entitled as “Fate of the Elves” (مصير الجان)
  2. Translation of three romantic stories published by TEKTIME:

–          Delighted By The Duke (مسرورة من الدوق)                  by Amanda Mariel

–          Enticed By Lady Elianna (مفتون السيدة اليانا)                  by Amanda Mariel

–          Desire & Devotion (بين الرغبة والإخلاص)                   by Aurelia Hilton

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