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My name is Marwa Gouda. I graduated from faculty of Al-Alsun (languages), Ain Shams University in 2008. My first language was German, and my second was English, along with Arabic language.

My experience:

I have been working as English and German into Arabic translator, editor, proofreader and subtitler for 10 years. Over the years of my expertise, I have handled many projects in different translation fields. I also have a very good experience in working with different CAT tools.

I am specialized in marketing and advertising, along with medical, educational, social and general translation. I have worked directly or through a third party in projects for the following clients:

Disney Channel, History Channel, Netflix, Daniel Willington, PANDORA, Qatar Airways, AUMA, Kenwood, BMW, Tracoe, Kaercher, Alstom, Zanussi, I.R.I.S, Jovi, Spore, Twenty-Ten, Volvo, Promethean, Ford, Casio, Electrolux, Ortel, Coach, Bludzee comics, Hitachi, LUX, Gasprom, and Summer Infant.

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