Arie S, Hebrew-English-Russian translator

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My name is Arie Shevchenko ,I am a multidisciplinary translator, Versio Academy localization course graduate, fluent in three languages­-Hebrew, English and Russian.  I really like the translation field. I experience emotional pleasure when I succeed in finding the exact words in order to convey a correct and precise message from one language to another and to hit a bulls eye translating the text, while preserving the spirit and the ambience of the written concept.

– I am working as a translator since 2005.  During this period, I dealt successfully with complex legal content, sensitive medical content, precise technical content, scientific content, etc. I translated several websites and applications, translated a book, songs, films and TC serials. My daily job for the last 3 years is to check, edit and time subtitles for several TV channels.


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