Kasia K, Polish/Ukrainian-English translator

Best Polish/Ukrainian-English translator

My name is Kasia Kraszewska and I am Linguist, Translator and Teacher of Polish Language.

I have a few years experience working as a translator, Linguist, Language Instructor for Upwork , Appen International (Polish -English, English_Polish, Ukrainian-English, English-Ukrainian translation evaluation,  and Falcon Projects (Adds Evaluator). 

Currently I work part time Teacher Language International Schools “Listen&Learn” and “Language Trainers”. 

I am a Polish Native speaker, for over twenty years I live in United States and Canada (I am Permanent Resident of USA, Polish and Canadian Citizen).

I am mature, responsible person , I love my job and I have a big passion to learn new languages.

I would love to hear from you, if you have any questions, or you would like me to  send a recommendation letters – please let me know- you may contact me at any time!


Katarzyna Kraszewska

email: kkraszewska72@gmail.com


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