Ekaterina D, Russian and English translator and interpreter

Best Russian and English translator and interpreter


My name is Ekaterina Douglas I am a  highly skilled interpreter fluent in both Russian and English.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a translator and interpreter, I am adept at translating a wide array of correspondence and documentation. As well as conducting live meeting presentations and conversations with a range of people types. Ranging from clients and prospective clients to senior executives and business leaders.

My experience has also led to my having solid research and communications skills.

A summary of the value I can bring  includes:

*   Over 15 years of experience in translation and interpreter related roles.

*    Vast experience across a range of industries and institutions around the world.

*   The ability to work independently or as part of a team.

*   High level of adaptability and flexibility gained through working in highly charged, target focused environments.

*  Possessing the professional and academic accomplishments to be an effective translator.

In particular the strong relationships I build with clients, team members, upper management, partner organisations and the community often result in win-win situations and a foundation for future success and business.

Get in touch

e-mail: ekaterina.douglas2808@gmail.com

Skype katya_douglas

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