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My name is Samuel Ong from Malaysia. I am a dedicated full-time freelancer, who can provide quality translation services for any combination between these 3 languages: EnglishChinese and Malay.

Over the last 5 years, I have acted as an ad-hoc translator for my employers as the demand for bilingual content is common in Malaysian multiracial society. I have also offered on demand translation service to several clients including International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), HOPE International and others.

My field of expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, including marketing, business, politics, public service, research, media & entertainment, sports, religion, so on and so forth.

Coming from a multicultural community, I have a deep understanding on various cultures and traditions, allowing me to better appreciate the context of the source language. As an internet savvy netizen, I am active on a number of social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Bilibili, and Weibo. This provides me a holistic worldview and understanding of the latest trend in different parts of our global village. Depending on the needs of the client, I am capable of adapting some culture-specific concepts in the initial message to its cultural equivalent in the translation. On top of that, I am well-versed with online research which enables me to perform contextual translation or even transcreation, ensuring the entirety of the message.

As a workaholic who strives for perfection, I am available for 45-hours work per week, from Monday to Saturday.

My translation rate depends on the source language. For source materials in English or Malay, the rate is $0.05/word; for sources in any Chinese variant, the rate is $0.07/word. As for transcription, the rate is $0.80/minute for Chinese audio.

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