Juan Ignacio L, English to Spanish translator

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My name is Juan Ignacio Llopis, I am 28, from Argentina but have been living in New Zealand since August last year holding an open Working Holiday Visa.
I am a Sworn Translator graduated with honors in Argentina. I have more than 3 years of experience as a freelance translator. Although my fields of expertise are Medicine and Corporate Documentation (including SOPs, employee manuals, corporate policies, etc), I have also translated scientific, literary, legal, and mining documents, among many others. I can translate from English into Spanish and vice versa. My native language is Spanish from Latin America but I am also able to understand and translate every variety of Spanish or English.
I am very motivated and interested in gaining more experience as a Translator, and working as part of this Company would be a unique opportunity for my career. Being a bridge between cultures is what I enjoy the most.

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