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My name is Babit Gurung. I am a full-time freelance creative writer, translator, and voice-over artist. I have diverse experience in different fields that have helped me to acquire various skills that enhance the efficiency of my work. I can speak, read, and write with full proficiency in four languages – Hindi, Nepali, English, and Bengali. I am also an interpreter for these languages. Interpretation and translation job ( though both have different), doesn’t only require language proficiency in both the target and source language, but also the knowledge and skills of breaking the cultural difference. To acquire this dexterity, the knowledge and understanding of diverse genres and niches are necessary. With more than 15 years of experience from creative to technical, design to the digital world, my experience has helped me a lot in this perception. For the same reason, I also have attached my resume. So, I request you to go through it and candidly give a response in case you have any questions.

I have worked as a translator, telephonic interpreter, and also customer service representative for many of the foreign language clients. Currently, I am an interpreter for Dubai Transport licensing authority for the Nepali and Bengali languages. I am also an interpreter for the UK based company (compliance and emergency issues for hospitals, licensing and insurance authorities, supreme committee, etc), for both Bengali and Nepali language. Apart from Bengali and Nepali, I also have proficiency in the Hindi language. So I can be a multi-language linguist.

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