Vania M, English to Portuguese (Brazilian) translator / proofreader / transcriber

Best English to Brazilian Portuguese translator

My name is Vânia Martins and I would like to put my services at your disposal, as I am sure I can be an important part of your business to solve your needs.

I have a degree in Nursing and a Bachelor in Nursing and currently work with translation / proofreading in English  to Brazilian Portuguese language pairs  and transcription / subtitle editing of Brazilian Portuguese.

I have extensive experience in translation on a wide range of topics like apps, botany articles, financials, books, e-commerce titles and descriptions, documents, religious content, etc.

I also work with transcription , where for many years I accumulated a great knowledge and experience in several platforms and software for transcription and subtitling, as well as editing and subtitling of videos in Brazilian Portuguese with/without timecode.

I have provided services to many translation agencies and groups in the segment, such as Magma Translations, TranscribeMe, Q Trans, Perenchio Translations, Global Voices, Teksto Agency, Glority Software, BrightLines and direct clients.

In addition, I have worked as a volunteer for over 10 years with non-profit organizations teaching English, Portuguese, and creating and reviewing contents.

I am dynamic, detailed, assertive and determined, I like to work with goals and metrics and always meet deadlines.


Translator / Proofreader / QA / MTPE

  • Quality Assurance position as a freelancer for final clients, agencies and other translators;
  • Magma Translation Agency / One Hour Translation (OHT) – Translating and Proofreading E-commerce Titles and Descriptions and general documents / Glossary construction with terms for e-commerce;
  • Teksto Agency – General Documents (Birth / Marriage Certificate) and contracts;
  • Agora Financial – Business articles;
  • Brightlines Translations – Sports Articles – XTM Platform;
  • Brazilian Portuguese videos and audios transcription, subtitling and reviewer (Excel / .PPT / .SRT / .ASS);
  • Translating app, open code – Final clients – POEditor, Crowdin;
  • Zuodao – QA – Brazilian Portuguese e-commerce titles;
  • Volunteer translator for KidsOut, Association Nâga (technology articles), MRI Blogs (books and blogs about History and German Revolution), Gospel Translator (gospel articles);
  • Work as volunteer in a social project teaching English and Brazilian Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro/RJ;
  • Worked for many companies, organizations and independent writers translating blogs, articles, websites, books (published), letters, e-mails, manuals, etc. T

  Transcriber / Subtitle Editing

  • Transcribe Me – Transcription (pt-BR), QA and translator;
  • Global Voices Agency / QTrans / Perenchio Translations – Transcriber of Brazilian Portuguese audios (OneForma Platform);
  • Reviewing: MTPE, Brazilian Portuguese Subtitles on YouTube (Khan Academy);

Volunteer (Non-profit Institution)

  • Teacher and responsible for content production,  review, administration, organization, lectures, classes, marketing production, subtitling and event production
  • Tour guide for various groups to Israel, including interpretation
  • Speeches and meeting interpretation

Immigration Attendant

  • Responsible for promoting relationship and coexistence, Interpretation for tourists at Federal Police (Brazilian immigration), entry and exit control of travelers, passport and visa analysis.

Medical Account Analyst

  • Responsible for auditing of outpatient processes and consultations, control of collection and billing in the region of Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo;

Auditing Nurse

  • Responsible for auditing hospital, visits and receipts, invoice analysis and billing control;

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