Filling the Financial Gap on the Road to Recovery: Tips on Making Ends Meet

filkling the financial gap blogIf you’ve suffered a job loss related to drug and alcohol use, it can take a while to find another one that will fill the financial gap and offer opportunities that match your experience, education and skill level. Recovery is a painstaking process in itself, and if you’re new to it, making the necessary lifestyle adjustments may take considerable time and energy. Job hunting adds another layer of stress, but you don’t have to settle for abject poverty and privation while waiting for that call from a prospective employer. Thanks to the gig economy, there are plenty of ways to make ends meet and even find a new career doing something you enjoy. Here are a few ideas to get you back on the road to earning again.

The right resume

The first step in finding work is to freshen up your resume. If it’s been awhile since you’ve assessed and updated yours, it’ll probably be necessary to fill in some gaps. A resume should reflect that you’re returning to full-time employment with a reinvigorated sense of purpose and optimism. If designing and writing aren’t your strong suits, seek out a resume builder program to take you through the entire process, from the template to filling in your job history and skill set. If you’re starting over professionally, a good vocational program can help put you on the right road based on your background and abilities, especially if you’re feeling a little aimless and unsure of what direction to take.  

Dog-walker/pet sitter

If you love animals and have an affinity for making four-legged friends, why not look into starting a new gig as a pet sitter and/or dog walker? It’s an in-demand niche, with young professionals and busy families looking for reliable and caring individuals to watch over their pets when no one’s home. For someone in recovery, the unconditional love and affirmation that animals provide can make this one of the most rewarding jobs you’ve ever had. 

If you start a dog-walking service, count on getting plenty of the exercise you need to regain your strength and confidence, which are important factors in making your recovery a success. You can make up to $40 an hour, depending on services offered and the volume of business you can handle. 

Music instructor

Do you have a background in music? Whether you’re a musician or a former music educator, there are plenty of opportunities to teach and tutor students who want to learn an instrument, or to help young people who are struggling to make the grade in the school band or orchestra. Music instruction is a flexible gig: You can set your own hours and teach in the comfort of your own home, or make arrangements to meet with students in their homes. It’s a terrific gig for someone who’s recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, and passing on your knowledge and skills is doubly rewarding. 


If you’re fluent in another language, you can also look for freelance work as a translator. Qualified translators are able to translate written and spoken language quickly and accurately. Most translation work these days is done remotely, which makes this an ideal occupation for those trying to get back on their feet. 

Freelance writer

Like music, writing is a form of self-expression that can have a cathartic effect during difficult times. If you enjoy writing, be aware that there are many ways to make money as a side gig or as a full-time pursuit. Bloggers are often looking for writers who can fill in from time to time, or you could start your own blog, amass followers and parlay it into regular income (your experience in recovery might make a very interesting blog subject). 

You can make a good living as a freelance content writer working with companies that don’t want to hire a full-time, on-staff writer. You can work your own hours at home doing interesting work, and you can find freelance opportunities through online job platforms like Upwork. These platforms offer a variety of work for writers whether you’re a technical, content, or resume writer. It’s an exciting time for talented writers, so why not see how far it can take you?

Recovery can be a long, hard road, and finding a job while you adjust to a new lifestyle can be difficult. Fill the gap with a gig that helps financially and that you enjoy doing. You never know – it could be the first step to an enriching new life.

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June 2020

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