How to become a Freelancer?

The art and freedom of being self-employed and lack of commitment to employers must have intrigued all at some point of their lives, People can start a freelancing career from scratch, they can be broke, unemployed or even students but as long as they have the skills, they’ll be ready for a freelancing career. You can simply follow these steps to start:


Step 1: Learn

Aspirants of the freelancing industry have a lot to learn before they take up this profession. It is vital to learn the platform and its features on which you aspire to start. It is also highly important that you learn skills like communication, time management etc. to start. The best freelancing teaching platforms are described here

Step 2: Platform

After they have learnt the essentials of a proceeding with a freelancing career from online material. They would require to choose a site or platform. There are many platforms out there that provide freelancing services, some of the topmost are Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Behance, HubStaff, Fiverr…

Step 3: Field

To become a freelancer, it is vital to first choose a field of expertise, the field you opt to work in has to be one that interests you. The market accepts people of diverse skills, the people opting in the most highly demanded ones are highly employed. Thus, it is important to choose a field that is most high in demand and suits your skills as well. Some of the types of freelancing careers are:

Web Development
As the Internet grows rapidly, there is a huge demand for web developers. The people with these skills are known to be those who charge the highest budgets for their projects in the freelancing market.

Graphic Designing
Graphic designers design logos, covers, projects etc. The highest population of freelancers are those working as graphic designers, the charges of beginners may be low but as their skills and experience develops, Graphic designers charge hundreds of dollars for a single logo with specifications.

Content Writing
Content writers that build a platform and reputation for themselves are highly paid while those who remain stuck in low paid gigs have to work tremendous hours for small amounts. Content writers can gain their creative and content writing skills to opt this profession.

The profession of translation is also very well opted for in the industry of freelancing, Individuals with a keen interest and proficiency in languages can opt for this option. They can also acquire opportunities of high paying projects and large clients in freelancing translation services

Video Editors
Professional Video editors work on highly technical software and work magic on dull videos. So, they are paid much higher and as the world of Vlogs, Videos and internet makes money, so do the video editors as they are the sub-creators, editors, and video magicians behind the screen.

Data Entry
Though considered a very simple and basic skillset, Data entry has a huge demand in the internet market. Anyone can easily learn data entry and its essentials with basic online skill-development material.

Having experience in a professional domain can get you at very high places in the consultancy career, the fields of law, medicine, business and agencies require consultancy every now and then. People even hire relationship consultant through freelancing sites, they make a good fortune for themselves by providing their knowledge.



June 2020

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