Marialaura F. English/Spanish/French to Italian translator

Best translator English/French/Spanish to Italian

My name is Marialaura Faitini I’m an italian freelance translator and interpreter with University education and professional experience.

My language combinations are: english>italian; spanish>italian; french>italian.

As regards my education in Italy, I obtained a Master’s degree in simultaneous interpreting and I previously obtained a Bachelor Degree in interpreting and translation. I specialize in english and spanish translations but also provide translations from french. I have a very strong knowledge of english and spanish technical vocabulary in the fields of politics, finance, medicine and other sectors.

Concerning my professional experience, I worked in a translation agency as a project manager in Spain and I provided translation and interpreting services during several conferences regarding balance sheets and green building in Milan, in Italy. I have been teaching english to severals students and adults for 5 years in Italy. I also worked as a translator, public relations consultant, and booking agent for big hotels and campings in Italy and Spain. I am very reliable and motivated when I work with languages and I do my job seriously and enthusiastically.


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