Isabel C. English/French/Spanish to Portuguese translator


My name is Isabel Cisneiros. I am translating from English, French and Spanish into Portuguese.

I have been an interpreter and a translator for the last 26 years and I work on many idioms and technical areas, including several e-commerce projects for Google Adwords clients, from many idioms and fields of products (Tax Back, Airbnb, Living Social, Blur, Probike , some other sites of equipment/accessories for cars; mobile phones, photo and printing, etc).

I have translated: SHARETHEMEAL App to raise money for the UN food program for refugees; medical reports for patients with Hepatitis B and C for a clinic; usage leaflets for  pharmaceutical products , medical devices , orthopaedic support for broken bones, etc, medical trials and questionnaires …

Equipment’s manual of an AUDI car; parts of Peugeot’s site; some docs for SKODA; ENI ‘s manual for safety at work for their employees in Angola; SUN CHEMICALS’ code of conduct; security and safety manuals for very important engineer projects for Portugal (EXPO’98, PEGO’s powerplant; renovation of a Pharmaceutical company; etc), operating manuals for maintaining renewable energies’ equipment, equipment for cars, machinery for textile industries;

I took part of a team of translators for the installation project of a GE’s power plant for Brazil;

I translated Media Markt’s manual for their employees all over the world who speak PT, about their products and selling techniques; translated operating/maintenance manuals for house appliances/air conditioning devices; several environment impact studies; a HR platform for a temporary jobs’ site; e-learning platforms; garden pumps, the operation manual for the platform for maintenance of equipments to produce electricity from the wind); software (Microsoft OFFICE\’98 and \’00 versions) and hardware (IBM monitors) manuals,  Intel’s info for their Windows Server 2003’s clients; graphic calculators, sports equipment, bank’s products and equipment (Diebolds’ – ATM), and so on.

I have a degree on sciences (Animal breeding) which included Management, Economy and several subjects parallel to a medicine degree (Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics, Parasitology, Nutrition, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Parasitology, Microbiology, Biology, and so on), and some parallel to engineering (Facilities and Equipment, Machinery), I upgraded it to Bolonha\’s equivalent by taking also Statistics and Ecology.

This, combined with Technical English (subject included in my degree), and the English Course and the Translation Course (British Council), the Italian for translators Course (Camera Italiana del Commercio per il Portogallo) and the Alliance Française\’s French Course, provided me the technical knowledge, languages and translations skills I have used in my profession.

As a freelance IT Trainer, I was chosen to 2 translation/localisation teams for 2 Microsoft Office versions (’95 and 2000).

        I also translated more than 20 books (most of them technical – ) for several major editors.



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