James H, translator English-Chinese

Best English-Chinese translator

My name is James He, I am a Chinese native translator specialized in English <>Chinese translation.

1) Certified Translator

  • Graduated from the well-known Central South University with a master’s degree in translation;
  • Passed the Test For English Major-8 (The highest-level English competence test in China);
  • Won an array of honors and awards, such as Honorable Mention in the 4th Economist & Scientific American Combined Translation Contest, and Second prize for Translation from Chinese to English in the First “Language Bridge Cup” National University Translation Contest;

2) Rich experience

With nearly seven years of translation experience, I have been engaged in a large number of translation projects involving diversified fields, including laws, medicine, social science, finance, marketing, etc. I have cooperated with several translation companies in China and abroad, such as China Translation Corporation in Beijing, Top One Translation Agency in Taiwan, and Upwords Translation Corporation in Portugal.

3) Competitive price and quality service

0.04-0.06 USD per word/character for translation

0.02-0.04 USD per word/character for proofreading

Please feel free to contact me at 2486683860@qq.com.

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