Claire E, French-English-Italian translator

Best French-English-Italian translator

My name is Claire Eman Katu, I am a French native, and i have been working as a professional translator since 2010.
My qualifications include a Master degree in economics and a Certificate in Translation.
My language combination is:
• English to French• English to Italian• French to Italian
My field of expertise are:• Travel and tourism• Internet/e-commerce• marketing• social sciences advertising/public relation• Agriculture• finance(general)• business/commerce(general)• cosmetics/beauty• economic• food and drink• conversation• greetings/letters
My rates are (ZAR):
R 1.30 – R 3.80 / word  R.1000 /hour (overtime)R.6500 /day
I have a very flexible working/contact hours and i’am available for weekend work.I use word fast pro 5 as cat tool.
I understand that you may be very busy helping customers, so I wanted to briefly introduce myself and let you know that I currently available to help additional clients. 


Claire Eman KantuTrilingual (French, Italian and English) IT Analyst Support for DOW ChemicalGTS, Solutions, Del & TransfIBM South AfricaStonehill



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