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My name is Elizabeth Garay, I have a great passion for languages, which I have learned by studying and obtaining their certifications, as well as traveled and studied in many places. I speak Spanish, English, French, Italian. I have studied Turkish, German, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese.

After a successful professional life in administrative matters and having worked in managerial positions in my country, I decided to be close to my children and change everything to work from home and support my children in their education and care. Now, I have more than 25 years dedicated to translation. My specialty is English-Spanish-English, with any subject, since if I’m not familiar, I research and perform my own vocabulary. I am a perfectionist and I read and reread the translation until I am completely satisfied. To date, I have more than 20 books translated and published by different editorial companies, I have worked in various organizations for Mexico, United States, Canada, England, Italy, Australia, France, Colombia.

Besides being the translation my source of resources, it is my passion, my complete dedication. My guarantees are delivered before stipulated and the assurance that my work has been completely reviewed as many times as necessary to deliver high quality work.

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