Vitalii T, Russian/Ukrainian to English translator

Best translator Russian/Ukrainian to English

My name is  Vitalii TYKHONIUK from Kiev, Ukraine.

Let me describe my skills shortly. Since 30 years I’ve been undertaking translation and interpreting jobs in Ukraine, Russia and German speaking countries. I also make translations from Russian/Ukrainian into English and vice versa.

I supplied and still supply communication of political and business partners in such fields like state and regional management, civil construction, foreign trade, production of food, hotel business, some fields of bank and insurance sector, medical care and pharmacy.

Along with modifying of translation and interpretation abilities this experience ensures sustainable getting of new knowledge in various fields of human activity as well as making new contacts. And that’s what I enjoy in my work.

The languages what I used to work in are German, Russian and Ukrainian. German is fluent and the translating or interpreting direction doesn’t matter. I am used to work on a basis of contract only. Payments are possible to my bank account.


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