Besnik D, Albanian translator and interpreter

Best Albanian translator and interpreter

My name is Besnik Dedja ,I am an albanian translator and interpreter/freelance linguist. My background includes more than twenty-two consecutive years of interpreting & translating services at my local and national translating and interpreting agencies with significant experience.

I can offer the following:

  • Superb command of idiomatic Albanian and English language and grammar
  • General erudition and intimate familiarity with British and Albanian cultures
  • Extremely high level of fluency in Albanian and extensive knowledge of vocabulary in both languages
  • Ability to edit and review other translations
  • Sound ability to translate all kinds of documents and genres
  • Ability to transcribe documents in different formats.
  • Excellent computer/word-processing skills
  • Ability to work independently to solve problems while demonstrating good organizational skills
  • Great attention to detail with an excellent work ethic
  • Able to meet the given deadline.
  • Confidentiality maintenance
  • Ability to negotiate payments and last-minute jobs

My extensive experience can help your company to meet the demands of Albanian telephone interpreting, translation, proofreading, transcription, and voice over projects. 

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