The mistakes made as a translator which have led to a negative result

Blessing Uzuegbu is a igbo freelance translator sharing with World Translation Jobs community the mistakes she made in her journey as a translator which have led to a negative result.

WTJ: Blessing, could you tell us more about it?

  • One of the mistakes I learnt the hard way was not taking care of my work environment which affected my health. I had a non-conducive chair I was using for my translations which always left me with severe back pain and then waist pain, I didn’t deem it fit to change it as I was always procrastinating, until it hit me so hard that I couldn’t bear it anymore.
  • In the process of this management I lost a client. It happens that I had a very busy week with lots of projects that are coming in, I had finished two large projects within the space of 3 days, I was tired and really burnt out so I needed some rest as my body aches as a result of the chair I was managing.
  • On Thursday of that week, I received yet another Project from a regular client which was one of my best clients. I couldn’t say no, that was my mistake. I was not strong enough at that moment to take on another Project, I needed at least a day or 2 to rest and recuperate. I went ahead and accepted the Project, not minding my health.
  •  The Project was stated to be 6k words with a tight deadline, I did not open the file I simply accepted it. The next day when I opened it I realized that it was 10k total word count. My mistake was not opening the file before accepting the project and again we were running into the weekend which I am not productive during weekends.
  •  It turned out bad because I couldn’t meet up with the deadline and negotiation for extension was somewhat impossible. I have worked halfway into the Project. I lost both ways, my client, and my health. I had to go to the hospital to get treated and afterwards get myself a comfortable Office chair.
  • After the incident I vow never to accept a task without opening the documents and confirming word count, I learnt to negotiate deadlines ahead for a very tight deadline and if not possible I will decline the Project. I have learnt to prioritize my health over anything.
  • Moving forward I have formed a team of Professional colleagues with wealth of experience whom I collaborate with to meet tight deadlines, after the translation I work on the documents to adapt terminology and proofread the documents to ensure it meets my desired quality standard before delivery.
  • These are lessons I learnt the hard way and I vow never to make the same mistake ever again.

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January 10th 2022

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