Karina M.Technical Scientific & Literary English to Spanish Translator.

Best technical scientific translator English to Spanish

My name is Karina Gabriela Marchini and I am an Technical Scientific & Literary English <> Spanish Translator.

I translate all subject matter, but my specialist areas are Medicine (Nutrition and Sport Medicine), Egyptology, Literature and Audiovisual translation: subtitling and adaptation of translations for dubbing and voice over. Solid professional training in the production of subtitles through  the handling of software such as Subtitle Workshop, Visual Subsync and Format Factory, with more than fifty-hour-experience in building, timing and pasting of subtitles on documentaries, advertising, enterprise, speeches and presentations.



Freelance translator (from 2014 up to now)

Technical translation

2015: (Egyptology) EN>ES Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt. Author: James Baikie (+27.000 words).

Literary translation

2017: EN>ES From Auden to Yeats: Critical Analysis of 30 Selected Poems. Author: Geentanjali Mukherjee (+20.000 words). Visualization and publication:

2017: EN>ES Valmont, The Vampire Prince:Throne of Blood. Author: Pet Torres(17.000 words).

  • CBRE Argentina S. A. (2017): translations from English into Spanish of internal communications.
  • CMG Industrial Inc. (2017): translation from Spanish into English of the content of a website.

E-mail: traduccioneskgm@gmail.com

Skype: karina_marchini@hotmail.com

Website: www.almarservicios.com


LinkeIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karina-marchini-221139119/


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