Multilingual translator Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Romanian,Croatian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian

Best multilingual specialist translator

My name is Oleksii Grushchenko, I am a multilingual specialist, very much encouraged to take a new interesting and challenging full-time translation job as I have got the required professional experience and skills in the field of translation, language support and administrative assistance.

In my practice, I use the following language pair: Ukrainian-English, Ukrainian-French, Ukrainian-Russian, Ukrainian-Polish, Ukrainian-Czech, Ukrainian-Slovak, Russian-English, Russian-French, Russian-Polish, Russian-Czech, Polish-English, Polish-French, Polish-Czech, Polish-Slovak, Slovak-English, Slovak-French,. Slovak-Ukrainian, Slovak-Russian, Czech-English, Czech-French, Czech-Ukrainian, Czech-Russian, Romanian – English, Romanian – French, Romanian – Russian, Romanian – Ukrainian and it works both sides. Besides, I used to translate some small texts from Croatian into English and from Croatian into Ukrainian and Russian as well as from Bulgarian into Russian and Ukrainian.

Computer Skills: MS software user, including Excel, Word, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Outlook

Express, MS project, Prime Decisions, Decisions Grid, JShop Professional

I used to work for UEFA EURO 2012 and was involved in the language support and content management as part of organization and staging of the tournament.

I have taken the lead on the management of translation and dissemination of vital information for several UEFA EURO 2012 Pre-Tournament projects, ranging from UEFA EURO 2012 Logo Launch, Mascot Launch to Closing Dinner as well as the biggest Final Tournament Projects such as Qualifying and Final Draw.

I also took an active part in the European Union Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) project in Field Office Odessa and Illichivsk Ports in the context of improvement of customs and border guard service operation and border management procedures in line with EU standards related to customs, intellectual property rights, anti-smuggling and border control. I used to translate numerous legal acts, decrees and regulations, create various glossaries, proofread texts and maintain the translation database. I have learned to properly prioritize tasks, work under pressure and meet strict deadlines. My duties also included administrative support to the field office, liaising with Ukrainian customs and border guard services and other stakeholders.

I am currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine but ready to relocate elsewhere, if need be.


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