Giulia L, English/French to Italian translator

Best English /French to Italian translator


My name is Giulia Lobascio and I am an Italian translator.  I have a degree in languages, English & French, particularly in the tourism field. However, I have also experience in other fields: environment, web sites, human resources, food & drink, medical (general), technical (general), literature, geography, art and history.

I do have abilities to manage emergency situations effectively and to constantly find appropriate solutions to the various organizational and logistical problems as a result of my internship in a travel agency and skills learnt at university (especially in the organization of my study).

Are you struggling to reach the Italian audience? I already collaborate with important agencies and I am certain I can help you. My translations will be aimed specifically at the perfect audience.

Deadlines are essential to me, I always deliver what I promise, and I respect your time.


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