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My name is Raquel Santos, I am a Japanese to Portuguese translator with 2 years of experience. With 5 years of studies focused on the language field, in 2019 I realized my dream of studying and working in Tokyo, Japan for 2 semesters. I had my first contacts with professional translations in 2018, which I already provided my services for technical translations like SW, HW, games and literature.
In 2016 I had the experience of working as an assistant to a Japanese language teacher for 2 years at the Kumon Education Institute.

My first experience with voluntary translations was in 2012, at that time for the disciplines, I attended extracurricular classes in Computer Technician, expanding my knowledge on the part of C ++, mechanics, web designer, SW and HW. Taking advantage of the opportunity on the part of computers, I made my first translations (or localization) for computer simulation games.

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