How to become a successful international translator

Dear translators,

We are very pleased to announce that André Lisboa’s new eBook “HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL TRANSLATOR” has been launched. André Lisboa is a translator, interpreter, writer, musician and content creator from Brazil. The book is read and highly recommended by the group admins, FOR THE TRANSLATORS WHO ARE AT THE BEGINNING OF THEIR CAREER. A discount is available for the World Translation Jobs Community. On this eBook you will be helped with enough and easy information like CAT tools, personal marketing, resources management, CVs and covers letters models and so many other useful tips. WORLD TRANSLATION JOBS is honoured to be featured on it. Thank you .



Reviews from readers

  • “Reading the first chapter takes me back to 15 years ago, when i started on Proz sending a 100 emails every day.. your words are really true, that’s how i started too.. I am a professional full time translator now but I really recommend this book to people that want to start this job, well written with loads of advice and info. It is a pleasure reading it!!”


  • I’ve been working as a translator in the English<>Portuguese (BRA) language pairs for over 5 years and I confess I learned a lot from reading this book. Based on my own experience, I can certify that Andre´s methodology works, especially if you work with agencies. This is an invaluable tool for those who want to survive in this competitive market. The tips are practical and will guide you if you want to be a competent and successful translator.    ( Aline Amorin)


  • I wanted to make my compliments for Andre´s book , I bought it today and even though I am a professional full time translator o Proz with 97 wwa, but reading it took me back to memory lane when I sent 100 of email every day and the first reply that I got back was after 7 months… instead now, fortunately, the agencies are contacting me and not me anymore, as in the first years .. Your words are really true, I hope many translators will find good advice in your book … it is a very good reading!!  (Gina Ferlis)

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