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English-Portuguese translator


My name is Saulo, I’m a native Portuguese translator who can do it both ways (English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English). If you need your text/document translated, please contact me for more information!! I am a freelance evaluator and translator of texts and documents I would like to be hired for micro-task services

Here you will find a very efficient translation, with a lot of clarity and objectivity.  All so that you can feel very comfortable and so that your text is easy to understand!  I am very careful and attentive with each work, not only translating, but formatting following ABNT rules – and that with additional costs.  From English to Portuguese.  Made manually;  – With revisions;  – No agreement or interpretation errors;  – Texts, articles, books, e-books, manuals, curriculum, schoolwork, etc.  I Regarding the delivery time, this depends on the size of your translation, but keep in mind that if On average, the deadline of one day is for texts of up to 30 page.  All this dedicated work, done with great care and attention, costs 900 dollar for every 30 page. Being 30 dollar per page Is it too content or too specific?

Send me a message by contacting me on

whatsapp +5538988065871 or



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