How to balance your work and family being a freelancer

If you are a full-time freelancer and cannot balance your life between your work and family, you are at the right place. The industry of freelancing is rapidly expanding, and keeping alive in this industry is not an easy task. The lives of freelancers are filled with anxiety.

Dealing with many clients simultaneously, working long hours, meeting deadlines, and promoting yourself on social media consume a significant amount of your energy and time. And it is challenging to strike a healthy balance between your personal life and your freelance life when things are going well. Here you will find tips that will help you to balance your life as a freelancer.

1. Set a daily routine.

If you want to balance your life, you have to set your daily routine. Your everyday schedule helps you maintain a balanced work-life by determining when you have to work and take a day off.

2. Don’t do Overcommitment

When working with one client already, do not take another client work until the first work is done. Be frank with the client if you cannot handle the workload. If they are willing to work with you, they will extend the delivery time

3. Learn to Say ‘No.’

The most difficult thing a freelancer can say to a client is the word “no.” Your stress level will rise as a result of the extra work, and your personal life will suffer as well. Furthermore, it is not fair to your client. They expect your full efforts, and if you are short on time, you might disappoint them.

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4. Establish Clear Boundaries Between Yourself and Your Client

The secret to success is communication. You will not finish the project on schedule if you do not understand the client’s requirements. Before starting the job, you should clear all the requirements and make strategies to work on it. It will save your client and your time.

5. Social media.

The most powerful marketing tool is social media. And on it, you can’t allow yourself to lose. The more popular your work is on LinkedIn or Twitter, the more opportunities you will have to gain clients. To make the social media algorithm work in your favor, you must first understand it.

6. Take a break

Taking breaks as a freelancer can be scary. You may feel like you will lose clients if you quit working for a while. However, breaks are needed for long-term health and well-being, particularly for freelancers, because they are always stressed. Take breaks and dedicate the time to your relatives, friends, or even yourself. You’ll notice that you have more focus and commitment to your work when you return.

7. Outsource

Outsource your project is a great technique to break from work and spend some quality time with family. For this purpose, you can hire freelancers from Upwork or any other freelancing platform. You can now spend your time doing something you want to instead of thinking about finishing a project on time or doing the stuff you hate, such as going to the grocery store.

8. Avoid Distractions

To minimize distractions, use time monitoring software, download applications that block email and social media distractions, keep your office clean or close the door with a ‘Do Not Disturb sign.

We conclude that it is possible to balance your life between work and family, if we follow above simple tips. Life is too short to waste it working and not enjoying it. Instead, smartly balance your life so that you can do the most amount of work with the least amount of time and spend the majority of your time relaxing and enjoying time with family.


April 2021